Kutsch Landscaping offers a variety of services that can help keep your landscape looking professionally groomed all year round.


Mowing – Keep your lawn looking beautifully manicured all season long with weekly cuttings. As a general rule, turf is cut at approximately 3 1/2”, depending upon the needs of your lawn. When cutting, only the top 1/3 of the blade should be cut to help promote better root development.

Lawn Care Treatments – The key to a Healthy Lush Lawn

  • Our standard five application program consists of all granular, premium quality fertilizers specially formulated for lawns in the St. Louis area
  • All applications are made by competent, licensed personnel.



Tree & Shrub Care Treatments – Comprehensive, cost effective program consisting of timely applications to give you healthy trees and shrubs, while increasing growth and flower production.

Ornamental Bed Maintenance – A customized program that includes clean up of all planting beds.

Decorative Mulch – Enhance your curb appeal while adding a layer of protection to your beds. Mulch is generally applied in approximately a 3” layer. Natural mulches decompose over time and become part of the organic matter of the bed.

Plant Installation – Installing plants is a great way to add color and texture to your landscape.

Spring Clean Up – Remove remaining leaves and other lawn debris from the lawn and prepare your flower beds for new growth and a fresh layer of mulch.

Sod Installation

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Pruning

Hardscape Installation

Lawn Renovations

Fall Leaf Removal – Remove all leaves, sticks, gumballs and other unwanted debris from your lawn.

Leaf Vacuuming – Curb-side leaf vacuum

Snow Services