The KEY to a Healthy Lush Lawn


  • Our standard five application program consists of all granular, premium quality fertilizers specially formulated for lawns in the St. Louis area

  • All applications are made by competent, licensed personnel.

  • Our technicians are familiar with common turf pests and will inform you of any insect/disease infestation and recommend a solution.

    • 1st Treatment – Early Spring; includes a pre-emergent granular fertilizer.  The pre-emergent is for crabgrass control to eliminate crabgrass before it germinates.
    • 2nd Treatment – Late Spring; includes the pre-emergent granular fertilizer as well as a liquid broadleaf weed control.  The weed controls will be applied as needed to control weeds.
    • 3rd Treatment – Early to Mid-Summer; Granular fertilizer and liquid broadleaf weed control
    • 4th Treatment – Early Fall; Granular fertilizer and liquid broadleaf weed control
    • 5th Treatment – Late Fall; Winterizer granular fertilizer